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Workshops & Seminars

This is an essential component of the training that we offer, because we believe that first hand interaction not only with the consultants, but also with fellow growers is important. This is why KNF holds regular workshops and seminars where knowledgeable speakers are invited to share the latest technological developments in the field of horticulture. These are open not only for our valued clients but to anyone who may be interested in horticulture.

Our objectives :

  • Transmit the latest technical know-how to farmers.
  • Provide need based basic trainings on soil management, water management, High Density farming, Organic certification system and procedures , Canopy management, Crop Load Management, Post Harvest Management and market management.
  • Enhance their knowledge and make the profession more productive.
  • Inspire the young generation to adopt farming.
  • Create healthy competition amongst farmers.