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Our team offers a complete package to develop a fruitful and profitable orchard, starting from design, planting, technical inputs and maintenance services. We believe that orchards are an investment for the future and should therefore be established with care and the right expertise so that they produce healthy and bountiful harvests year after year.
The correct planning and planting of a new orchard specially in the mountainous regions of our country, is crucial to avoid costly mistakes and wastage of time. The continued healthy growth of the trees, maximization of  production and yields, optimum capital investment and efficient ongoing management is the goal of all orchardists. Due to unavailability of  professional assistance at the right time, many farms become unprofitable and their owners give up due to the frustration of running an unviable orchard.

Expert Assistance:

  • To begin with, we will assess your site and soil, and give you options in how you should layout your orchard. Assessing of the land will include pH testing and nutrient testing We will help you to select rootstocks and varieties to suit your land and elevation, so that you get the best possible start.
  • Our site visit and consultation are intended to assist you to see the potential of your land. We will advise you about which tree variety should be planted in which portion of your land, so that you take the correct decision according to your soil type and geography of the land.  
  • The next step will be land development and the ground work required to be done before planting. This will include digging of pits and trenches, native shelter belting, top soil addition, inter-cropping and managing water supply.
  • Once the trees are planted, we will assist the farmers to set up essential support systems in their orchards like trellis, anti hail nets, mulch sheets etc.
  • Water management by advising on storage capacity calculation and installation of drip irrigation system.
  • Crop load management.
  • All modern high tech orchards require proper and timely canopy management, nutrition management and post harvest management. Our goal is to provide our clients with world class consultancy services so that they can achieve high yields and compete with farmers in developed countries like USA, Italy and Australia.
  • Post harvest management.

Our Role:

  • Preparation of the Project Report
  • Layout of the orchard
  • Land preparation and soil management
  • Selection of rootstock and varieties according to the resources and site location
  • Proper plantation of the trees.
  • Suggestion for the support systems in orchards like Trellis , Anti hail nets and application of weed mulch sheet etc.
  • Water management by storage capacity calculation and installation of drip system
  • Nutrition management
  • Canopy management
  • Post harvest management

Sustainable Practices

There are many different ways to grow trees and develop orchards. Most people believe that all commercial and highly productive orchards require huge amounts of chemical inputs in the form of fertilizers and pesticides. We, however believe that by growing trees in healthy, well fed organic soil and by using well tested organic pest management strategies, we can reduce the risk of disease and loss of plants. Creating a bio-diverse environment, selection of right varieties and rootstocks and adopting techniques which are in harmony with nature can help us to develop a profitable orchard, which does not deplete our soil and water. Our work takes a holistic view of land use management and we promote sustainable principles of farm management, which will ensure that your  land remains fertile and productive for many years without too much dependence on chemical inputs.