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The Nursery Trees And What We Offer To Our Customers

Fruit Trees

We have a huge selection of commercially viable apple trees to suit a wide range of climatic conditions, altitude and land type. Our trees are healthy and true to type. These apple saplings are produced on different clonal rootstocks such as M9, M26, M7, MM111 and M106, multiplied through the stool layering technique. The scion wood which is grafted onto the rootstock is taken from a special block of 400 trees, kept free of fruit to ensure that the budwood is virus free and true to type. The grafted trees are sized and graded, bundled, tagged and placed with their roots under soil mixed up with saw dust and vermi-compost in a cold store. We take care to ensure that the trees are stored upright to prevent injury and to improve the air circulation. The moist soil, sawdust and vermi-compost medium prevents top dehydration, and maintains the roots in proper planting condition.

From 2022 onwards KNF will be offering Geneva series of rootstocks.

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Our Specialty

Our trees are healthy and true to type.

Suitable for growing on altitudes ranging from 4500 feet ASL to 10000 feet ASL

We personally care for each nursery tree so what you get is our commitment of supplying you healthy trees.

You can avail our consultancy services to successfully, develop a commercial apple orchard of your own.

Rootstock Selection

It is important to ensure that whatever variety or rootstock you choose, it should be compatible with the climate and altitude in which your orchard is situated. This will ensure bountiful fruit year after year.
Selection of rootstock should also be done according to the resources available with you. For example, growing M9 or M26 is not possible without proper water management and installation of a trellis system for support. A successful farmer needs to have proper knowledge of canopy and nutrition management so as to bring the orchard into commercial production at the earliest.

Proper Pollination

The key to the success of a commercial apple orchard is proper pollination by a different apple variety. We have seen that many orchards in Himachal Pradesh are not able to produce a good apple crop because there is either no pollinating variety or very few. We offer a range of pollinator trees to make your venture successful. Our recommendation is to plant a minimum of 25 per cent pollinator varieties like Granny smith, galas and Golden Delicious evenly in every orchard.

Feathered Trees

Well matured, feathered trees play an important role in the establishment of a good high density orchard. So, go for feathered trees. Avoid planting rootstock and then grafting the bud wood in the field. Remember, making a tree requires a professional approach.